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Email List Building With Ad Swaps

Perhaps you have heard of ad swaps, or maybe not.

It can be pretty exciting stuff ~ learning how to grow

your email list with ad swaps, somewhat effortlessly.

Let me tell you more.

You should see the results the very SAME DAY you

swap with someone.

Ad swaps are simply an agreement where you arrange

to send out a mailing to your subscriber list in exchange

for someone doing the same for you.  It is best if you can

do this with partners of the same list size OR larger.

By getting as many subscribers as possible from your

swap partner’s list, to join you, your mailing list should

continue to build.

But getting those first 500 subscribers on your list to start

swapping with you can be frustrating. But believe it or not,

there are good people out there who will help get you

started by sending a mailing for you…..with nothing

expected in return.  If you are a member of a chat room,

just ask.  I am one who would help you out.

Continue to swap with as many list owners as possible,

in order to continue adding subscribers into your

mailing list.  But do not overwhelm your list by sending

too often.  Perhaps try about 3 a week in the beginning.

In order to do this you will need to have an optimised

page to collect names and email addresses;  this is called

a squeeze or a landing page.

This method does not require any money, and you can

continue to promote to those subscribers for as long as

they continue to remainon your mailing list.  The larger

your list size the faster your list will grow.

In order for an ad swap to be successful, both swappers

lists must be in the same niche, as the subscribers would

have expressed an interest in the same topic and therefore

are more likely to be receptive when similar offers are

presented to them.

However, for an ad swap to be worthwhile, you must have

a decent amount of subscribers that you can bargain with,

otherwise there is no purpose for setting up an ad swap in

the first place.

All of us started slowly at first.  One subscriber at a time.

By being persistent, you WILL get there.  If I did, you can!

This is the fastest method of traffic generation that I have

seen on the Internet.  Get excited and get going ~

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